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Site Remediation | Environmental Construction

CODE has an established reputation for safe, high-quality, cost-effective contracting.  

Code Environmental Services, Inc. is a full-service, New Jersey-based contractor with 35 years of experience in site remediation and environmental construction. The company is fully licensed and certified to work in States throughout the Mid-Atlantic and maintains active registration in the U.S Government’s System for Award Management (SAM) for work on federal sites.


CODE was founded in 1989 by a core group of professionals that originated from several of the nation’s largest remediation corporations.  With degrees in environmental engineering, chemistry, geology, and biology each principal adds his own unique experience and knowledge to CODE’s business mix.  The company’s talent pool has expanded over the years to include specialists in environmental construction, remedial earthwork, treatment system installation, industrial site closure, site capping, high hazard waste handling, health and safety, quality control, and impacted waste disposal.

CODE has experienced sustained, controlled growth throughout its 35 year history.  We have continually maintained a “strong” fiscal health rating from D&B and have been ranked as one of Central New Jersey’s top 20 private businesses.


CODE is headquartered in Carteret, New Jersey.  Our corporate office is strategically located within several miles of five major traffic arteries serving the New York City Metropolitan area.  This allows us quick access to job sites throughout the Mid-Atlantic.  Temporary field offices staffed by experienced, fully-trained personnel are established as required to support major remedial construction projects at sites throughout EPA Regions 2 and 3. 

Construction Resources

CODE maintains a full inventory of construction, monitoring, sampling, and personal protective equipment in the warehouse of our corporate facility in Carteret, New Jersey.  Heavy equipment, materials, and specialty services needed to support field operations are provided in-house or obtained through an established (and fully vetted) network of regional suppliers and service providers.

Safety & Sustainability

CODE has historically enjoyed OSHA recordable rates below industry average for its NAICS Class (562910 – Site Remediation) by adhering to corporate and site-specific environmental health and safety (EHS) programs that comply with current regulations and industry standards. We are an “A-Rated/Approved Contractor” on AVETTA and ISNetworld and have been pre-qualified to provide Site Remediation and Environmental Construction services by over 20 engineering firms, construction managers, regional utilities, and corporate clients via their internal vetting systems.

CODE is committed to reducing its impact on the environment through the implementation of a Corporate Sustainability Program that encourages reduced energy consumption, recycling, and the use of green technologies (bioremediation, ORC, etc.).  CODE’s Sustainability Program also includes policies to ensure the highest level of compliance with applicable rules, regulations, and standards for business conduct and ethics. These polices have been reviewed and found compliant by AVETTA and ISN.

Construction Quality Control

CODE has an established QA/QC Program to ensure project quality is maintained from initial bid phase through final close-out.  Inspections and tests are performed throughout the Work to proactively identify potential problems and ensure consistently high performance.  Project data produced by CODE is representative of industry and government standards for plans, material and disposal-related submittals, schedules, and reports.  Prior to delivery, all items are checked and rechecked to ensure compliance, verify accuracy, and confirm constructability. 

Insurance & Bonding

CODE is fully insured and can provide performance and payment bonds for large-scale projects as required.