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Waste Management

Waste Management  

Code Environmental Services, Inc. employs experienced field chemists and T&D coordinators who identify, segregate, package, label and stage waste (soil, sediment, liquid, drummed, lab pack, high hazard) for shipment to an extensive network of permitted disposal facilities.  Long-term contracts with leading T&D providers allows us to provide competitive pricing, preferential scheduling, and customized disposal options designed to meet specific project needs.

Off-Site Transportation & Disposal

  • Waste Characterization
  • Hazardous Material Identification & Segregation
  • Packaging & Labeling per DOT/RCRA Guidelines
  • Manifest & Shipping Document Preparation
  • Truck & Rail Transport via an Established Network of Fully Licensed & Insured Hazardous Waste Haulers
  • Disposal via an Established Network of Fully Permitted TSDFs throughout the U.S. and Canada

High Hazard Waste 

CODE’s high hazard remediation team (HHRT) has safely handled thousands of drums and containers of unknown, reactive, and acutely toxic chemicals as part of site remediation.  Work is often performed on an emergency or rapid response basis in Levels A and B PPE under USEPA and State agency oversight.