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Complete Solutions to Your Environmental Concerns

Site Remediation | Environmental Construction

CODE specializes in finding creative solutions to your environmental concerns; solutions that encompass the latest environmental legislation and most up-to-date remedial technology. 

Code Environmental Services, Inc. has been providing turn-key remedial and environmental construction services to a repeat customer base of Fortune 500 corporations, national engineering firms, and major utility companies for over 35 years.  Work is often performed at active facilities in densely populated, urban areas. CODE has implemented hundreds of complex remedial actions at Superfund, Brownfields, MGP, industrial, commercial, and residential sites in USEPA Regions 2 and 3 using innovative technologies for both on-site treatment and off-site disposal.  Long-term contracts with leading T&D providers allows us to provide competitive pricing, preferential scheduling, and customized disposal options designed to meet specific project needs.

Celebrating 35 Years of Environmental Excellence